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Re: Re: manny ramirez's stance

Posted by: onelsy (onelsyes@hotmail.com) on Thu May 22 16:25:11 2008

> > just wondering what some of you think of Manny's stance. It seems as though he puts himself in a position where he is very ready to apply BHT early in his swing. With his top hand light on the bat and bottom hand more firm. I can't really explain in words what I am seeing but I was just wondering what some of you guys think of his stance what are your opinions??
> Hello, I have been posting questions about Manny for a long time now and i had no answers. Manny is my favorite player, and I always have followed his career, always trying to emulate his swing and studying it, How he always have his head still at contact, how he generates power to all fields, and how he kinds of shift forward to then rotate in a stationary axis in his front leg (sometimes i have seen him rotate in his back leg), and how he always tweak his stance, since 1995 to date his stance has changed a lot, he was kind of more crouched back then, now he have his leg a little wide but more standing up. About what you are seeing, i have seen it too and have tested myself, is like if he have his bottom hand arm more tensed, like an elastic beeing stretched, and his top hand arm more loose, so when he start to rotate his hip and hence his shoulders, the power is transmitted very quickly via his bottom hand arm, thus generating a lot of early batspeed, and controlling the bat head great with his top hand. I hope you feel identified of what im saying.
> Enmanuel Vargas - extremer7@hotmail.com


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