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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: fastpitch softball swing

Posted by: Matt (kincaid.88@osu.edu) on Wed Jun 8 23:40:51 2005

I also agree with all of the arguements above. One thing I'd like to add is that the trajectory of an MLB pitcher would be harder to hit than that of a fast-pitch softball pitcher. Taller players are specifically scouted because of their height, it's something that you've never seen before. If you give Albert Pujols a few at-bats with a fast-pitched softball pitcher I wouldn't be suprised if he hit the ball out of the park more than he already does, which is plenty coming from a Red's fan. However, going the opposite way, from softball to baseball, would be far more difficult. Speeds are,of course, different and the movement on the ball can be much more dramatic because of the distance the ball covers. I dont really see any arguement here, unless Co-Ed boftball is invented there will be no answers, but at least you know where I stand.


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