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Re: Re: Re: Re: back foot

Posted by: S.Winton (stwinton@netzero.net) on Wed Apr 19 14:27:21 2006

> I wasn't talking about hitting KNUCKLEBALLS, I was talking about hitting whiffle balls off the tee with knuckleball SPIN. I got that info from beabetterhitter.com. It was a blog message and I read that Tony Gwynn used to hit whiffle balls every winter to practice with. He would hit them and they would jump off the bat WITH knuckleball SPIN. That's what I'm able to do now. My problem (concerning the swing) has been timing, but even that's starting to come as I see more and live pitching. I feel bad for the pitchers that have to face me....

A knuckleball dosen't have spin, thats the point.

What your back foot dose or dosen't do is a responce to what your back hip does...or dosent do.


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