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Re: back foot (tees and coaching)

Posted by: Patrick (macknolyapain@yahoo.com) on Fri Apr 21 10:08:05 2006


I agree with you about the kids and the tee. Tee work should be used for skill building with the swing (fine tuning) but NOT hitting mechanics to YOUNG children because of their motor skill level. BUT, I learned how to hit at a very late age (19) without the benefit of consistent live pitching or soft toss or ANYTHING. All I had was a tee, and books on hitting- that was it. I hadn't (and still don't) had anybody to work with me daily on my mechnanics and although it took me a while to realize it, because I was constantly changing my mechanics, I know now what it takes to be a good hitter and I'm well on my way to that goal... Also, I agree with you that kids should try to emulate their heroes. "Try what you see looks good on someone else"- Ted Williams, from TSoH


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