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Re: Re: Re: BONDS

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Sat Apr 22 17:32:58 2006

> > > Hi on youthbaseballcoaching.com there is a Bonds clip all the way to the right with him in the white uniform he has his back foot similar to my swing during his swing. I was wondering if do you have to have your back foot on your toes in the swing. I find it hard to balance and to swing like that. I was looking at the "Back Foot" posts and wondering how to do it like some of the hitters but failed trying so. So my question is Do you have to have your back foot on your tips of your toes or not during the swing? Thanks
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> > skeeterhunter
> >
> > What your seeing it the shift of pressure from back side to front side. Dr. Yeagar talks about not weight but the pressure transfer from 50/50 to back to front side. The front side blocks the pressure/push from the back side. You can just do this taking a half swing. And it would be hard for you to see it if you was doing the swing. You need a video tape of your swing to see it.
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> > Mike28nc
> we have been praising bonds for years....but....is there ever a point
> where we might want to consider other factors that may have conributed to his performance?...and perhaps the same might apply to macgwire and sosa?

Amen to that statement! And to your credit the same does apply, which is probably why Bonds has no homeruns to date. This is not to say that he won't hit any, but do not expect him to hit them at anywhere near the same pace. And notice how many of his flyballs are now warning track outs. Is not it just amazing what happens when one's body has the effects of the aging process which every other credible player had to endure. I would not be surprised if Bonds career ended like Palmeiro's and Sosa's (a drastic reduction in production).


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