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Re: Re: Pulling a Home Run

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Mon Apr 24 21:16:55 2006

> > when i hit even batting practice pitching i get great loft and power to center field. however when it comes to pulling a pitch i cannot get the ball in the air what soever. just ground balls or balls just spinning way foul. ultimatley its like i dont get any extension or something and i just cant drive it with loft. what do i do or what drills do i work on?
> Try moving closer to the plate and or opening your stance while moving your back foot closer to the plate.

Hi All,

If a person crowds the plate, and learns how to deal with the inside pitch, as sbl posited in Mar. 2004, the outside pitch will seem like one thrown down the middle of the plate. This, as a result, allows one to pull all pitches.

The ultimate goal at every at bat is a homerun, and my pull method is a means to that end.

In the future, I will provide a methodical study that proves why this method will eventuatually eliminate "small ball."

Best Wishes,

P.S. Bonds is a PFO--even when he is not slugging, pitchers pitch around him.


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