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Re: Re: Re: what is the fastest softball picth

Posted by: Anon () on Wed Jul 19 01:48:43 2006

> > " fun stories about Jennie Finch striking out MLB players"
> >
> > You have to see what happened when she pitched to Bond's. Bond's was basically toying with everything she had.
> Hi Not Quite Right
> I disagree with you about Bonds toying with Jennie. I think that Bonds was unwilling to take a full swing so that he did not embarrass himself. It is way easier to hit the ball if you are just lightly taking a short swing then taking a full cut to hit the ball hard.
> Do you rembember Jennie two years ago when she struck out all but one major league players which included Giles, Loretta and others.
> Dave P

Sorry, but if you look closely, Bond's wasn't even watching the ball and still managed solid contact. He also knew which balls were on the strike zone, and vise-versa. Finch wouldn't of had a chance of beating Bond's. RQL, the Japanese pitchers only maxed around 60 MPH.


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