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Bat speed vs mass

Posted by: dave () on Tue Mar 30 13:44:41 2010

Great Post and answers...just found this site and it is very intriguing......but in regards to the information in regards to bat mass vs speed......am i correct in saying that a 30 oz bat swung at 68 mph will cause the ball to travel further than a 28oz bat swung at 68 mph? Of course all other things being equal?

If this is the case than do you know what the trade off would be in using a heavier bat vs the bat speed lost by doing so? For example...if you could swing a 33 0z bat at 65 mph or a 30 oz bat at 68 mph, which would be the more desirable option....all else being equal?


> Also another thing to take into consideration is the size of the bat. But overall, it is more important to generate bat speed than it is to get bat mass. A ball will travel farther when a heavier bat is used if a hitter was able to use a heavy bat plus swing with the same velocity of a light bat while hitting in the center of percussion. The problem for most mortals is that they cannot swing a heavier bat as fast. I don't know anyone that can swing a 42 ounce bat as fast as a 33 ounce bat, including Barry Bonds.
> There is so much more. But I hope this answered some of your questions.
> My Best,
> Joe Hernandez


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