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poor contact

Posted by: Patrick () on Thu Jul 8 08:53:59 2010

In the past two months, my son (11years old) has started to apply rotational methods of hitting. At first, he seems to quickly get the idea as evidence by hitting the ball to all fields and hitting the over the infield. In the past couple of weeks, he has started hitting ground balls with not much power. At times, he hits ground balls to third and short where he seems to working around the ball (hitting the top half of the ball while the barrel approach the ball from outside to the inside). At other times, he hits ball down the right foul line where he seems to apply a glancing swing (barrel of the bat is open). I also see these same problems when he hits of a tee. I guess my question is: how do I work him so that he starts hitting the ball in the air with some power?

I know I haven't offer much here, but are there particular aspects of the swing that I should be looking at given these problems. Thanks


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