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Re: tremendous difficulty hitting the ball

Posted by: Coach Dad (plbd@comcast.net) on Mon Jul 12 18:37:52 2010

Paul , First Congrats on making JV! I believe you need to Video Tpe your swing and ask Jack to review it. Its almost impossible to tell you whats wrong w/out seeing you in game play.You state being far behind the ball & outside corner issues, and not hitting for power.You probably have many telling you many things.Well here goes me. Ill try to be brief. My son also made the JV this yr. Ive been working w/ him on Jacks method for about 3 yrs and have seen speed [power] improve because of it. We purchased a Heavy Bag from Jack last winter. It helps give you a frozen frame at contact. Less time than trying to visualize during toss practice. Also try a Bratts bat but be carefull the weight can mess with your swing mechanics. Core excercises are also helpfull.My son needs to build core strength to really get the extra distance consistantly. Keep working at it all you can especially in the off season. Try the batting cages . Start sloooow the move to faster w/ sucess . See Jacks post on SatJan 5 2002 to Jt & Matt, Print it out and ingrain it. Good Luck


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