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Re: Re: Re: Re: NO CONFIDENCE - start moving

Posted by: Bradley P (Cpattullo@yahoo.com) on Sat Jul 17 12:20:33 2010

I had the same issue around his age. Looking back I
feel that it was mostly a matter of my coaches
critiquing me while I was in the box: "keep your head
in", "don't pull your head", "step back to the pitcher"
I'm a believer that any coaching should be done
after the game and at practice. Kids at that age are
already distracted very easily. Add in a bunch of
instruction and it's over. If you guys don't do that
currently then I'm not sure what to tell you other than
trying to replicate a game situation in BP as a way
of loosening him up in games. Good luck and hang
in there with him and he'll come around.


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