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Dads Hold The Line

Posted by: jim d (j-monro@hotmail.com) on Wed Jul 21 12:46:10 2010

For all of the dads that spend untold hours studying, researching, analyzing, and teaching. Do not let the genius local coaches undo and breakdown all of the hard work that has been done by Jack, yourselves, and your boys.

I've been speaking to countless parents of boys who play for local township teams. There is a growing backlash against the low level of instruction, and the arrogance of the people who ignorantly perpetuate this so called instruction.
The blind who lead the blind will not relent and scoff at anything that is in opposition to their archaic and uninformed myths.

If you are serious about training high level concepts and techniques, then do so to the exclusion of their monopoly on youth baseball.
There are plenty of advanced organizations throughout the country where baseball is taught and played as it is meant to be. Seek them out, participate, and support them...


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