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Re: MAnkin and the machine

Posted by: Joe (joe.flowers@nofreewill.com) on Sat Jul 31 07:02:48 2010

Hey Pete,

Rock on with the reps!

I have a Jugs Curveball pitching machine. I'm in the middle of rewiring it so that it will throw change-ups and possibly curveballs without having to adjust the dials so the batter cannot tell what pitch is coming next. I hope to have it finished and tested today.

The off-speed pitches are killing the 11-12 year olds on my son's team. My son just wants to hit the damn ball at all costs and is over anxious and not near patient enough. I hope this modification will fix that problem and move him up to the next hitting level.

I think patience is even more important to rotational hitting and less important in linear hitting because in extension at the point of contact in rotational hitting is the enemy.

Best wishes,



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