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Re: Re: back foot

Posted by: Jimmy () on Thu Feb 8 19:01:34 2007

> Is it bad to "squish the bug" instead of trying to get on top of the toes as you finish with your back foot? When you squish the bug, it seems like you turn on your back foot instead of getting on top of the toes.

Hi err,

Do not try to get to that tippy toe on the back side. This will only promote poor balance to the front side along with a weak top hand. The back foot will naturally get to that tippy toe position for a millisecond as contact is made. This is not to be concentrated on or the whole timing of it is thrown off.

So "squish that bug" and you will actually be getting to a back toe position that you are looking for without even trying to. Check yourself on video and see for yourself.



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