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Re: Re: Jack - Mauer's Quick Swing Training Aid

Posted by: Ronnie (rwynn@comsouth.net) on Thu Oct 14 16:43:35 2010

> Does anyone have experience with the Quick Swing? I have been thinking about getting one and setting it up in the garage for winter training. I thought it might work well for getting 50-100 swings a day with wiffle balls. I need to keep my boys swinging throughout the cold months. Tee and heavy bag work with and without the perfect Connextion would also be involved, but hitting a moving ball is way more fun. Add the batspeed radar in there and we may be able to get some high quality, consistent workouts in 30 minutes or so and not have to travel far. Please share your experiences.
You will get more benefit from a Personal Pitcher and just a few dollars more.


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