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Re: Re: Re: Handle torque

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Jan 5 00:49:13 2000

Hi Steve

>>>I'm not clear on how a linear hand-path is dominated by torque on the handle, yet we want to maximize torque while employing an angular path. I must be missing something. <<<

Steve, say a batter’s bat speed was 60 MPH. Let us further stipulate that his straighter hand-path contributed only 15 MPH. I would think it obvious that torque would have accounted for a much higher percentage of bat speed generation.

>>>What would the main avenue for transfer of energy be in the angular hand-path? The reason I'm wondering about this so much is I know a lot of hitters who can swing their regular bats at considerable velocity with one hand. So it was pretty clear to me that torque could not be more than say, 25% (at least in those hitters.) I'm sure others would show a bigger difference- <<<

Yes Steve, I also noted you could attain comparably high bat speeds with a one handed swing. But I think we have to keep the two swings (1 & 2 handed) in perspective. --- The radius of the hand-path for an average two handed swing is about 20 inches. The radius of the one handed swing was nearly double that. Plus the length of time force was applied with the one handed swing was considerably longer. --- The best bat speed I could attain with a 20 inch (one handed) radius was about 38 MPH. --- So it was pretty clear to me that your calculations on the value of torque is way off.

Jack Mankin


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