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Re: Re: bat head below knob at contact

Posted by: Tom (t.r.schnell@gmail.com) on Tue Nov 2 22:33:26 2010

> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > A year and a half ago my son was in a hitting slump because he would hit a lot of grounders to the infield. It became such a problem that I started searching for a solution and rethinking everything I thought I knew (again).
> >
> > In my study, I watched the 2006 World Series MLB DVD. The single most evident thing that slapped me in the face is that on every hit on that entire DVD the bat head is always below the knob of the bat at contact. There are about 2 hits on that DVD that are questionable, but on further review, the bat head was below the knob of the bat at contact for those 2 hits too.
> >
> > I believe this is an important element and characteristic of the major league rotational swing of the best hitters, just like the Power V and the Power L.
> >
> > Take a look at Justin's swings on Jack's Swing Analysis video. He has a perfect swing.
> >
> > So, in my search to help my son I ran across this site, and yes, batspeeed.com does have the best analysis and instruction I have been able to find on the best major league swings.
> >
> > I would like to hear any and all comments on the "bat head below knob at contact" characteristic. I believe it is a *vital* element of the best swings. Now, I hate the phrase, "swing level" (to the ground) and think it is one of the most detrimental instructions for hitting.
> >
> > ---------------
> Hi Joe,
> To go along with what you are saying - I tell my son "hands above the ball". However there is one pitch where it appears this rule stops and why the pitch is so effective - it is the letter high fast ball. Most hitters should layoff this pitch. The adjustment for this is the hands are about level with the ball, everything else is bathead below the knob. When I couldn't get my son to lay off the high heat, I figured I should teach him how to hit it. As long as the hands stay connected to the shoulder rotation, the vast majority of swings will have the knob above the bathead. "Hands above the ball" is kind of a reminder to not drop or start the hands forward before shoulder rotation and THT are initiated. I have some recent video of my son hitting a high fast ball about 450 feet - I will watch it and let you know what I see. In any event you are on the right track with this observation. Best Wishes!

Hi guys, I believe what you are describing the result of "tilt" and I believe if you study "tilt" you will find upper level hitters adjusting tilt to create the proper angle of the upper torso and shoulders, which the lead arm is connected to and perpendicular to the upper torso tilt. Have you heard of tilt? Achieving the bat orientation you describe without tilt is not present in any high level hitters (manipulating hands, wrists, or arms to get the bat into the position you've recognized, etc.), unless they were fooled and it's the reason the high fast ball is very difficult to hit. Research 'tilt' and see if you agree.


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