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Re: Firm angled front side

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Jan 10 03:12:46 2000

>>> How much of a bend in the front leg is allowable during contact? Hitting against a frim angled front side is sound, but how much of an angle? Can power be reduced if too much bend and weight is on the front leg? Is there a range of angle and bend for the front side when tyring to maxmize power and bat speed? All thoughts welcome...dog <<<

>>>Jack seems to have a theory of a slight lean backwards which would indicate to me more of a frim front side and bend in the back side. .. Skipper <<<

Hi Dog & Skipper

I think there should be very little or no bend in the front leg at contact. But then I also disagree with the connotations surrounding the term; “Hit against a firm front side.” This leads many coaches and players to think they should stride to a stiff front leg so as to have a firm base to swing from. This thinking obscures the main benefit the front leg offers to lower body mechanics.

Hip rotation is the result of torque developed from the legs applying forces from opposing directions. The back leg is driving the back hip around toward the pitcher. And just as important, the rotation and extension of the front leg and knee pushes the front hip back toward the catcher. Both legs are required to develop maximum power in hip rotation. --- So the front leg has a much greater role than just supplying a platform for the rest of the body to swing from.

Jack Mankin


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