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Re: When to change a swing?

Posted by: Jerry 22o hitter () on Mon Nov 8 08:23:46 2010

Hi sly>while I belive in hitting mechanics on this web site.I also believe if it aint broke dont fix it .My son played in junior college a few yrs ago with a kid who crushed the ball.The kid was by far the best hitter in the league. he hit about 500% with plenty of power.but he didnt turn his back foot when he hit. it stayed flat on the ground .even on his swing follow through.I couldnt belive he could get such power hitting that way.in one game he hit two long fly balls that were caught right up against the 375 ft fence.I thought to myself if that kid turned his back foot over those balls would have carried the extra five feet and went over the wall.I thought the coach who played pro ball. should have corrected the kidsswing and get him to turn his back foot over.The coach just left the kid alone .well the next day the kid hit 2 really long home runs and still didnt turn his back foot over.that day I changed my idea to if it aint broke you dont always have to fix it. I do know this every yr a bunch of Hs and college kids get signed to pro contracts by professional organation.and many times the pro organizations change the kids mechanics in both pitching and hitting .which often ruins the kids then the teams realease them .hitting is such a complex thing not ever one is the same .so if that player you are talking about stops hitting thats when I think adjustmens should be considered


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