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Re: Connextion

Posted by: Chuck (jcsherwood8458@sbcglobal.net) on Thu Nov 11 16:48:01 2010

> Jack,
> Great stuff on the site. Really impressive, and you do a heck of a job backing up your
> beliefs with video. I am a D-I baseball player and still have problems with connection
> at times when my swing starts to go bad. Do you think that the Connextion device
> would be beneficial to me or is it more tuned to beginners who are first learning
> rotational concepts?
> Thanks,
> Matt

Hi Matt,

Based on my 16 year old son's experience over the last several weeks with the Connextion, I would suggest that you purchase it. I believe that even 10-15 swings into the heavy bag every time you are hitting will keep help to keep your swing on track. I'm amazed at the carry over I have seen in videos of his regular swing without the device. The videos show the triangle formed by his two arms and body rotating to contact as a unit with no extension of the back arm L prior to contact. It is also apparent that bat drag has been virtually eliminated, an improvement of many degrees. His swing was fairly good before, but suffered from some top hand dominance that was keeping him from getting fully over the last major hurdle. The Connextion is a great tool to conquer top hand dominance whether it's used for training or as a reminder to keep you on track.



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