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Re: Increasing bat speed....

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Jan 18 22:31:00 2000

>>>What is the best way to increase my bat speed? <<<

Hi Chris

Thank you for visiting the site. Chris, “Batspeed.com” has devoted nearly all of it’s 45 or so pages to answering that question. Most of the posts on the discussion board are centered on that subject. So there is a lot of information here if you would like to study it.

Good batting mechanics is far more important in developing bat speed than athletic ability. An average athlete with good rotational mechanics can generate greater bat speeds than a world class sprinter, weight lifter or gymnast. Even the great Michael Jordon couldn’t make up for sub-par mechanics. Michael came to baseball barren of a hitting philosophy of his own. He was at the mercy of the “weight-swift and extension” crowd. Michael left baseball unhappy and disillusioned. I have often wondered … Oh well, that’s another story for another time.

Bat speed is the product of a series of accelerating arcs. The lower body accelerates the hips, torso and shoulders in an arc around a stationary axis. The rotation of the body accelerates the hands (as a unit) into their arc. And, the push-pull action of the hands adds to acceleration the final arc. --- The final arc is the bat-head rotating around a point between the two hands.

NOTE: The muscles of the arms are not involved in accelerating the hands. They are used to accelerate the final arc.

Jack Mankin


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