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circular hand path

Posted by: Jerry 220 hitter () on Fri Nov 12 23:08:53 2010

Hi>I dont believe circular hand path will ever be accepted or taught by most baseball people.old ideas die hard.Many ex major league players who used circular hand path and connection through out there own baseball carrers.turn baseball annoucers, get on TV are start using linear and extension cues .Such as after a long home run they will say the batter really extended his hands on that one.I have hitting books and dvds by hall of famers and near hall of famers that teach pull the knob to the ball .and I be the first to say pull the knob to the ball is easier to understand then connection and circular hand path,.even thou I think connection C.H.P is more effective then pull the knob to the ball.learning ChP takes a open mind and a little bit of patients patients


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