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Re: BBCOR bats going to force change to rotational?

Posted by: Torque (toddfoster67@gmail.com) on Sat Nov 13 14:57:33 2010

> From what I have read, the BBCOR bats that are replacing the BESR bats are basically aluminum versions of a wood bat. Now, will this eliminate the linear mechanics taught by many uninformed high school coaches after a few unproductive offensive seasons? In my opinion, it won't. Coaches will just have their players lift more weight and tell them that "weight training will lead to extra-bases" while ignoring the fact that is staring them in the face, that rotational mechanics allow for "effortless power" as Mike Epstein put it. Unfortunately, even with this change, I feel most coaches will not bother teaching THT and will just tell that "the hips lead the hands", which is true but without THT, a lot less power is generated.

Top and bottom hand torque produce much better bathead acceleration. I use it not only in hitting but chopping firewood. You get much better bat or ax head acceleration. It is noticeable and effortless splitting wood.


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