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Re: Re: inward turn

Posted by: Tim Olson (timolson@home.net) on Wed Jan 19 15:04:17 2000

I also wanted to point out why I think the IT is important.

Because it more easily established what I think TW described as the stretched position.

The turn allows both upper and lower body to rotate back in an unforced manner. Then when the stride is taken with what I think should be short and opening of the foot about 45 degrees the hips open while the shoulders stay back. This takes the slack out of the connection and allows the upper body, arms, and hips to rotate in unison without having to think about it so much. Without establishing that stretch--the looseness of the upper/lower body connection makes it more difficult to ensure the rotation is in unison.

Can that stretch be established with other techniques? I'm sure it can.

I'm no physicist but this method feels right to me.



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