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Re: bat size help

Posted by: spenser (thesmith411@hotmail.com) on Sun May 6 20:21:20 2007

> I'm buying a new bat for my son (exo) wanted a little feed back on bat size. He is 11 1/2 5'1 85lbs and has been using a 29" 20.5oz bat for the past year. He has good plate coverage with the 29" (has long arms for his age) I want him to use this new bat for the next year, all the charts say he should use a 30" but the trend now seems to be going shorter and lighter on the bat size (Barry Bonds). I feel if it ant broke don't try to fix it.

Have your son swing with the different sized bats that you are considering; see which one he likes the best, and which one he handles the best. This has always worked for me.


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