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Re: manny ramirez's stance

Posted by: Enmanuel Vargas (extremer7@hotmail.com) on Mon May 7 03:20:01 2007

I have asked some insight info over Manny here a lot, and I never had an answer, for me Manny is a great hitter, and i like to know everything about his swing mechanics, how he hold his head so still at contact, how he generates power to all fields, kind of goes to his front leg but then rotates in a stationary axis. If you have followed Manny's career over the years you can notice his stance has change a lot from 1996 to now, although his swing have always been the same with some tweaks here and there.

> just wondering what some of you think of Manny's stance. It seems as though he puts himself in a position where he is very ready to apply BHT early in his swing. With his top hand light on the bat and bottom hand more firm. I can't really explain in words what I am seeing but I was just wondering what some of you guys think of his stance what are your opinions??


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