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Re: Re: I know I've fallen into the trap

Posted by: Kevin () on Tue May 8 14:03:05 2007

> Once you found that your son was tucking in his elbow what did you do to correct the problem?

I video taped it and showed him. Then I worked with him hitting the heavy bag then I did the drill from Arc 2 video and did soft-toss towards the heavy bag.

He didn't have it till about halfway through this season. I could figure out why all these VERY WEAK pop ups to 2nd baseman were occuring. Video tape from friend showed me. Luckily my kid is very hard worker on hitting. Pretty much showing him has helped. He also seemed to be closed up in his stance. I think he is worried about outside part of plate, closed his stance, and felt all jammed up. PLUS, I think his timing was off so he's all opened up and dragging the bat to make contact.

...in short, who knows why, but pointing it out on video helped fix the issue and so did hitting the heavy bag and telling him extension, even on the inside ones, was a good thing.

Not sure it's completely gone, but hits are better.

This may be the video of my kid doing it. Can't see from work.



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