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Re: Jack, have you ever done a video analysis of Gywnn?

Posted by: Brian () on Tue May 8 19:44:54 2007

> I'm curious as to how that would look. I looked at this video http://www.batspeed.com/media/Griffey_analysis1.wmv and loved it. Ever done it with Gwynn in particular or others..and is there a place on batspeed.com to see links to other video?
> Thnx

Hey Kevin:

I'm not sure if we have any good video of Gywnn. If you know of any good clips, let us know and we might be able to download them and plug them into the software for analysis.

Our next little project is a comparison of A-Rod in a slump in early 2003 to his swing this year. He had a major flaw in his swing plane in early 2003 that was causing him all sorts of problems.

It's funny that the announcers thought A-rod's problem must have been switching to a new team, not seeing the ball, changing his stride, etc. That's all bologna - he had a flaw in his swing mechanics.

We'll probably post this comparison clip of A-rod in a few weeks.



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