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Hips, how they turn

Posted by: pipes () on Tue Jan 25 16:09:17 2000

Jack, or anyone else,
I believe i may have been exploding my hips the wrong way for the last year. I've always been a student of hitting, but i think sometimes it gets me in trouble. I went to a series of camps, and read a series of books, in a short period of time. I tried different things out, instead of listening to the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I would then find something wrong and change it again, over and over. Now i'm just trying to peice it all back together. In turn, i went from hitting .775 in my first half of my high school baseball season to just under .400. I was thinking about what someone, at Setpro told me. He said that when you swing, it should be like your legs are working against each other. Like the front leg is pulling the back leg around, and vis versa. Now, I've always been a pull hitter, so i take that as i have a bit of a sweeping swing. Well lately my back has been killing me. I mean to the point where sometimes I can barely walk. I believe that it may be due to the way i swing. i have thought about it a lot, and it seems to me that when i swing, i don't shift my weight very good, and it leaves a lot of weight back when my swing is finished. In turn, i think that when my weight doesn't shift to the middle like it should it makes it so, instead of my hips rotating like they should, it seems to be my upper body, particularly my lower back(where it hurts)leading the way. This causes my hips to rotate too late, and rather slowly, and I never get that proper weight shift.
Now to get to the point. What SHOULD I DO TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM, and how can i get my swing back how it used to be? Also, if I have something wrong in my examination please correct me. Sorry for the hard to understand explanation, it's harder to write down than show.


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