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Re: torque

Posted by: Jack Mankin (Mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Jan 25 20:56:30 2000

>>>I have been trying to create the extra torque by pulling the front shoulder and trying to push the back hand through just prior to contact. I am having trouble creating this torque during a full speed swing, the centrifugal force created by the full force swing is not allowing me to push right hand through because I am to busy holding on. can you give me an idea of what it's supposed to feel like when done properly? <<<

Hi Sean

Your problem is that you are trying to mix the mechanics of “weight shift and extension” with rotational mechanics. With extension mechanics, torque is applied to the bat by the back hand PUSHING the bat around the lead hand. As the lead hand nears full extension and slows to a near stop, the back hand now has a leverage position to apply torque.

With “rotational” mechanics, the lead hand is PULLING the bat around the slower moving back hand. This would be much like the mechanics of rowing a boat. The back hand acts as a oar-lock and the lead shoulder, arm and hand pulls the bat around it. --- See slide-show in “Wrist action or Torque.”

Sean, you just can’t start extending the hands out then suddenly pulling back with the lead arm. The pulling back of the lead arm is from the continuation of shoulder rotation. It would then be pulling back toward the catcher.

Jack Mankin


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