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Re: Re: teaching Jack's method

Posted by: rql (RLOWERY13@tampabay.rr.com) on Thu May 10 08:24:13 2007

> > I purchased Jack's video and am currently attempting to teach his hitting method to my son. It was a good investment. He hits the ball farther than anyone in his league. Now I am working on consistancy. My problem is that he has begun hitting the ball waaaay out front. Batting right handed, he then either smashes the ball for a triple or homer, grounds out to the left side of the infield, or absolutely smashes the ball FOUL down the left field line. Is there something that I can do to eliminate the pulled ground outs? Or should I stop whining and enjoy the bombs he eventually hits?
> I would have him work on hitting the ball the other way. This should naturally make him wait. Work on both, hitting the other way and then pulling the ball and keeping it fair.
..generally it sounds like he is a pull hitter that is trying to pull the outside pitch thus rolling over as he hits around the outside pitch,Bonds hits alot of homers to center,his last infact off glavine was to center,he needs to learn a contact point that can hit that outside area pitch hard through the center field wall and if he is slightly behind it is an oppo gapper ,what he doesnt want is to have the barrel ahead of hands on that outside pitch that is what is happening now,the spot for contact depending on where he stands is somewhere between front and back corner of plate ,I would use a tee to try to help identify this point so barrel and hands are inline at contact across the plate,by looking for this pitch he can then adjust in and pull the more inside locations,just my thoughts.


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