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Re: Re: 10 yr old not swinging

Posted by: andy (ameehan15@yahoo.com) on Sat May 12 15:00:48 2007

Chris O'Learly, I don't think the advice you offered wasn't worded corrected.

> "Tell him to just swing away."

I think that's horrible advice, because being a 10-year-old, the kid might take it too literally, and start swinging at things over his head, at his feet, etc. I see no problem in him not swinging at pitches he doesn't like, as long as that doesn't prevent him from taking a pitch, like, 2 inches away from his "Happy Spot", or if he refuses to swing at a strike with 2 already on him.
I think what could also be the problem is that maybe he thinks he can hit a few types of pitches, but not very well. Thus, something that could be a solid hit would be a called strike because he wasn't comfortable with it.


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