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Re: Need Major Help With Lead

Posted by: Chris O'Leary (chris@chrisoleary.com) on Thu May 17 05:27:06 2007

"Hey guys I am worried about my lead, and my role this year at the very least on the varsity level will be to courtesy run. I am one of the fastest guys on the team but my instincts need work. I have a tough time determining whether or not the pitcher is going to try to pick me off or throw home. Do you guys have any tips on that, or just leading off in general. I am just looking for anything at this point to try and correct my problem before a real game situation comes up. Thanks."

What I teach my kids is that, when trying to steal off a RHP, they should go when he lifts his front heel (because that generally means he's going home) and get back when he lifts his back heel (because that generally means he's throwing over).

With LHP's, all bets are off.


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