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Re: Foul balls 1st base side

Posted by: Jess Bechard (bechard7@netzero.com) on Wed Feb 2 19:09:49 2000

I am assuming that you are talking about a right handed hitter. I would venture to guess that you are allowing the bathead to drop down below your hands thus losing control of it. This could be as a result of letting the back shoulder drop or a variety of other things. A good drill to do to stop this would be the two tee drill. One tee with a ball is placed directly behind the one we are trying to hit off of. The back tee is set at about one ball height lower than the front one. The object is to swing down to the front ball and make contact with it without hitting the back tee. This makes the hitter focus on controlling the barrel and staying on top of the ball.



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