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Re: hitting the ball

Posted by: Coach Dad (plbd@comcast.net) on Tue May 22 09:45:55 2007

> hi all.........my newphew is 10 and he is smashing the ball off the pitching machaine,nice shot right up the middle or pulls it left ,then he gets to the game and when he gets up to bat ,he either hits it to right field weak or he hits weak little grounders like he can't hit. the bat is light so it is not the bat.....he has power like i said he crushes the pitching machaine and we crank that up ,its faster than any 10 year old can throw ,so its coming in hard ,but the game its a puzzle ,any help please .....thank you.......P.S.he is right handed if that matters. Scoopy, Machines have their place but... If Mechanics are consistant.. Try L screen. IMO these kids never seem to get enough actual practice batting against live pitching from pitchers in pressure situations. Here's my question to you, How many actual pitches has he seen from someone he hasnt wired? P.S. Machines dont consistantly change ball placement, intentional or otherwise, less pressure, a machine doesnt lose or win a game.


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