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Re: What brand or style of bat do you recommend for my 2 boys in little league?

Posted by: primebaseball (coach@primebaseball.com) on Mon Aug 6 03:56:00 2007

Hi Todd-

We recently did a review of the Easton Stealth composite at Primebaseball.com:

It's a great bat with excellent pop, but the downside is it's pretty expensive. Also, you mention your kids play "little league"...are your kids allowed to use 2 3/4" barrel bats (ie, Big barrels) or do they have to use 2 1/4"?

We did have kids on our travel team use both Eastons and Demarinis and they're both very good bats, and we had no broken bats all season. I have heard issues with TPX Catalysts from kids/parents on other teams, especially regarding the cap coming off.

Good luck!

> Hi guys and/or gals,
> I will have an 11yr. old and a 13yr. old boys next year in little league baseball and I am in the process of trying to find the right bat for them that will be durable and create a lot of power and pop off the bat. Which brand of bat or style of bat do you guys prefer or have had experience with in your lives or your children's baseball years? My boys would like to get an Easton Stealth, TPX Catalyst or a Demarini bay, which one would you rate higher or would you recommend something else? I have read on some websites that the Catalysts seem to break real easy so I have been hesitant to buy one but my son has hit a friend's Catalyst really well.
> I would appreciate any help!
> Thanks! Todd


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