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Re: Re: Re: Re: true role of hands/forearms

Posted by: Dave (nytino20@aol.com) on Sat Aug 11 06:14:21 2007

I truly believe that if you get too arms/hands conscience and start trying to kill the ball you do it all with your arms. Obviously the arms are much weaker then the hips but the interesting part is what happens. I look at the swing as an entire connection. The best swings out there utitilize the powerful muscles of the legs/hips and the arms just go for the ride. A lot and I mean A LOT of hitters have pretty decent mechanics but they are too "arm dominant" and they are not even noticing but they are swinging with their weaker arms and their hip and leg action is just for show. It seems to me (and I really haven't studied the swing nearly as much as Jack and others on here) that by trying to kill the ball or just simply being too "arms dominant" you are beating your hips to the ball if you will. You are losing connection in probably the most common area in the baseball swing. I think a lot of kids need to simply practice keeping their arms/hands really loose and relaxed and let their bodys swing their arms/hands which ultimately swing the bat. I am 24 and I still am obsessed with hitting the long ball. I know as a kid I was even more obsessed. I still have this problem. My weaker arms are "too excited". Just imagine how kids are. They want nothing more then to hit a HR.


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