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Re: Re: question for jack about switch hitting?

Posted by: Michael () on Sun Aug 12 22:37:03 2007

> >>> I am a 14 year old catcher on a traveling team. I feel I am a good defensive catcher and have a good bat. I was at a minor league ball game last night talking to the bullpen guys and they said that teams LOVE left handed hitting catchers. I went home and found out my dominant eye by pointing at a object with both eyes open then close the right eye and my finger was pointing right at the object. So, I found that I am left eye dominant. I know that it takes thousands of swings to get used to the left handed swing. Do you have any advice that would help me become a better switch hitter? <<<
> Hi Michael
> Wish I could be of assistance. However, I was not a switch-hitter nor have I had a lot of experience working with hitters learning to hit from both sides. I can only say that the advice I give left handed batters regarding their swing mechanics is the same I give to right handers. I am sure there are problems making the conversion I am not aware of. Maybe some of the other coaches have the experience and can provide the method they use for teaching switch hitting.
> Jack Mankin

Hello Jack I appreciate you being honest therefore I will benefit more instead of being spoonfed crap. Are there any other coaches or gurus out there that have experience with switch hitting?


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