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Re: Re: Re: question for jack about switch hitting?

Posted by: George () on Mon Aug 13 10:36:32 2007

> > >>> I am a 14 year old catcher on a traveling team. I feel I am a good defensive catcher and have a good bat. I was at a minor league ball game last night talking to the bullpen guys and they said that teams LOVE left handed hitting catchers. I went home and found out my dominant eye by pointing at a object with both eyes open then close the right eye and my finger was pointing right at the object. So, I found that I am left eye dominant. I know that it takes thousands of swings to get used to the left handed swing. Do you have any advice that would help me become a better switch hitter? <<<
> >
> > Hi Michael
> >
> > Wish I could be of assistance. However, I was not a switch-hitter nor have I had a lot of experience working with hitters learning to hit from both sides. I can only say that the advice I give left handed batters regarding their swing mechanics is the same I give to right handers. I am sure there are problems making the conversion I am not aware of. Maybe some of the other coaches have the experience and can provide the method they use for teaching switch hitting.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> Hello Jack I appreciate you being honest therefore I will benefit more instead of being spoonfed crap. Are there any other coaches or gurus out there that have experience with switch hitting?


Michael. Just my two cents: If you have good mechanics and are successful from the right side, the important thing to do is to copy your mechanices to the left side. But I have also noticed that a couple of good switch hitters hit more upright from the right side and hit out of more of a crouch from the left side. Likely you will hit for more power from your natural side. I also noticed for some reason switch hitters more often take one hand of the bat from the left side vs the right (Chipper Jones and Eddie Murray and Ted Simmons). Since your left eye is your dominant eye, you may benefit from an open stance if you hit from the left side.

Don't get caught up in the number of swings as the important thing is to practice solid mechanics as ultimately your ability will determine how many swings you will need over the years to be proficient.


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