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Re: Bat speed with hi and low pitches

Posted by: Coach Fig (jfigueredo@looktopsi.com) on Thu Aug 16 11:45:30 2007

Hello Leonel:

The simple answer to your questions is that your chances of hitting the bottom half of the ball is much greater on a high pitch, this is what is needed to hit a homerun. If your approach to the ball is proper a homerun is a mistake. One should always look for the inside upper portion of the ball to hit. Today in baseball the players are so big and the bats are so much better that a misshit ball often goes over the fence, but for the average player these hits would be fly outs.

Take care,

Coach Fig

> Hi,
> I seen an interesting difference with the bat speed with hi and low pitches. My bat speed with hi pitches ranged around the 63-67 mph and with low pitches around the 72-78 mph. I guess you can't do CHP on hi pitches and your swing becomes kind of linear. Why do hitters tend to hit much more homeruns with hi pitches eventhough their bat speed is lower than with low pitches.


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