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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: how to hit outside pitch with power

Posted by: rql () on Tue Aug 21 19:50:25 2007

> For up/down adjustment, I usually think of it as you start out as if you are going to hit with low ball swing, then interrupt sit/etc to adjust for high ball.
> High heater becomes a problem here, so for outside, keep back shoulder up, but otherwise start as if for low ball swing.
> INSIDE high heater can be very hard to catch up with unless you shorten up more, have axis more upright, then try to drop bat on low ball if needed.
Tom I hit today ,will do more as 96 degree heat cools off in october,I worked on away pitch and can really feel the necessary tilt forward on the high pitch,just having hitters aware and train for this could enhance there on the fly ability to square up to the ball,otherwise you go up to it at wrong plane from the low pitch posture and hit a fly ball.The other observation I made is dont look up and set for that and then try to go down to a pitch ,it was the only ball I swung and missed miserably when all others were near perfect contact,just like you play under a ground ball and come up with it ,the tilts and leans dont appear to work well the other way,did not want to retry that swing and hurt myself but definitely not the best way to set for up and go down,I think most high ball flyballs are hit because of set for low and poor adjustment to up pitch.


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