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Re: Re: asian swing

Posted by: rql () on Mon Aug 27 05:29:05 2007

> > Jack since you are now getting video on here do you have access to some of the japanese hitters,suzuki,ikwamauri of tampa bay and the yankee slugger seem to have similar styles but often lack power in many swings yet they can certainly compete in ML.I would like to see how there swing evolves it appears they pull off the ball ,have hip slide and more of a sweeping arm motion when looked at it at full speed,if anyone has their game swings I would like to see the differences in style and how they set up swing plane.
> rql. Good observation as most of their energy is directed at the pull field. One big reason they are able to compete is that they judge the speed of the pitches extremely well. But they will usually have much more trouble with offspeed pitches away or fastballs that tail away because their body is moving away from the direction of their swing.[
Wow,I am looking through my inventory of clips and find all 3 asian hitters in it,did not know they were there,and all 3 do the same thing that gives there appearance in the swing .


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