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Re: Discussion Board in Toggle Mode

Posted by: Mark H. () on Mon Mar 3 00:04:53 2003

As we have done in the past, the discussion board has been placed in Toggle Mode, meaning that posts will not appear until they are reviewed, in order to end the waive of posts that are unrelated to baseball and softball or posts that engage in personal attacks, rather than a discussion of ideas relating to baseball and softball. This is a discussion board that accepts posts related to baseball and softball, unlike a chatroom or news group or some other discussion boards which may accept every post. Certain posts may not be accepted, including the following: material unrelated to baseball or softball, nuisance material, spam or chatroom material, advertising material, harassing material, personal attacks and any other issue which we may review on a case by case basis.
> We are attempting to protect the integrity of this board so that it can be enjoyable for the fans, coaches and players of all ages who want to learn and share different points of view related to baseball and softball. Foul language and personal attacks do not promote this effort.
> It is also very important to point out that we encourage everyone’s point of view related to baseball and softball, including those that disagree with ideas presented on this site. If we were all in agreement, we would have very little to discuss. We just encourage and expect some tact and consideration when challenging another person’s point of view.
> The baseball and softball season is almost upon us, so we hope that anyone who has a question related to baseball and softball, or more specifically swing mechanics, can post questions/opinions and get a answers/opinions in response.
> BatSpeed.com

It's a shame but this was easy to see coming and sadly, necessary IMO. Perhaps, in order to speed up the timeliness of posts being approved, batspeed could pick a few co-moderators such as people like Tom etc who would have the ability to review and approve posts whenever they happened to be online, thus not only speeding things up but also taking some load off of you? I have seen this work well on other boards. Of course if a co-moderator doesn't work out, you just suspend their privileges.

Mark H.


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