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Re: linear to fix rotational

Posted by: 55 () on Mon Mar 10 16:06:14 2003

My daughter 11,good ball player,had started doing rotational about 1.5 years ago with terrible results because she could not do it correctly[dropping hands,casting, pulling front shoulder out early,and it caused the head to go with the lead shoulder and their was disconnection of hands to the body.This came I believe because she focused on shoulder turn force and not hand and arm strength to keep connected,also the rear shoulder did not keep up with all the front shoulder turn so the barrel lagged behind body turn.Well we started thinking about hitting the other way waiting longer and driving back shoulder,which worked pretty good in the cage and when I had time to stay on her.Then she started letting the front side creep back in poorly and disrupt the swing.Now I have gone to a simple 2 phase cue that is all linear [take the knob to the ball with strong hands ,and keep front shoulder still and drive the back side through the front].What I have seen is the back side may have started to dominate a little more which I want outside but the inside pitch has the front shoulder working while staying in longer her head is staying in[big imo]she is making solid contact more and she is much more balanced.I think she took the rotation and ran with it to far and I have had to bring in linear to try to get the swing back where it belongs more even ,front and back side.Can someone point out the specific ideas that are taught to well heeled girls and how strength may affect them differently than boys.rql

Have you asked her to drag her chin across her chest as she swings?(Really it's her chest moving under her chin)It's a good refresher for ike mike.It will be dificult for her to pull her head while feeling like her chin is grazing her jersey.If her chin ends up near her back shoulder and she has felt the "jersey move by" she has kept her head in.

And the next step would be the downward head nod at impact to bring in the muscle groups that are so needed for a powerful swing



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