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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hands first then hips?

Posted by: Zig Ziegler () on Sat Mar 15 14:08:47 2003

> Zig, You are in Fla. and Dave is in Az. was your 3 hours together by phone? Benito Santiago is 38 years old. Why would he make changes at this stage of his career when he has 17 years of success at the major league level. Zig, it is not about the instructors, it is about the players.>>>>
> I was in Florida last week, AZ the week before, and back in AZ again today for a week. Back to Florida next Sunday for another week, and then back to Indianapolis, Tulsa, Dallas, and San Diego.

Dave's team was analyzed by our Founder Phil Cheetham and some of our technicians yesterday. He quickly grasped the reporting capabilities of our program. The A's pitching coaches will begin to use our analysis system with biofeedback to help get their players ready for games and to ensure the proper level of intensity during their warmup. I will see Dave again on Tuesday to review all of his players with him, I am sure he will see things that I don't see. That will help us all.

And yes we have discussed players of his we analyzed over two weeks ago. Any player can change at any age if they know exactly what they need to improve. If Benito wanted to improve (regardless of age and 17 yrs of MLB experience) he could change. Some one once told me that if I could make one change in my swing, and it allowed me hit more consistently 30, 50 , or 100 batting points higher, or hit one more home run in a clutch situation, I would change it in a hearbeat. (Luis Gonzalez)

Mr. Anonymous, Answer a question for me. How long does it take to change a players swing? Positively or negatively, regardless of what needs to be changed?

Also answer this question if you were the best in the world at what you do, and someone came to you and said you needed to make a change (significant change), would you take the time change?


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