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Re: batting

Posted by: zain (sn786912@aol.com) on Wed Jun 21 23:30:59 2000

I am a switch hitter (Natural right) I have two segment question: 1) When batting right handed, I hit the ball really hard, but the line drive goes directly to an infielder mostly to shortstop or third baseman. When I make adjustments I pop up the ball & I fly out. 2) I get more confused and do more adjustments, I end up hitting the ball at the bats end or (after more adjustments) the ball is hit near the bat handle. I know I am capable of hitting the ball I already have a home run for left side and several doubles form right but I want to consistent. Note: I practice a lot, my dad tosses up the baseballs & I hit them in the net. Everything looks correct in tossups it is in the field I get frustrated. Thanks


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