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Re: Re: Baseball vs Softball

Posted by: joe A. () on Tue Apr 29 06:34:08 2003

> >
> > One of the first statements on your site declares that there is no difference between a swing used in baseball and the one used in softball.
> >
> > In light of the fact that many knowledgeable softball people beleive there is a difference, I think you should give the logic behind your statement and address some of the issues raised by these people.
> >
> > Issues such as, the "rise ball," which does not exist in baseball, requires a downward stroke and the shorter reaction time.
> >
> > Joe A.
> @ well just think about it.....in both baseball and softball players are striving toward one main goal......to produce as much batspeed as possible, as early in the swing as possible. With the shorter reaction time in softball batspeed is very crucial. And the things taught on this site....if used properly , produce batspeed. Wehter its a softball bat or a baseball bat....its the same. Then you talk about this riser pitch. First off if its out of the strike zone then its gonna be tought to hit but, if you have ever seen batters like mike piazza, who produce tremendous top hand torque, their bat is already whipping through the zone even on high pitches up near their shoulders. I have seen clips of Piazza hitting rising fastballs up near his neck, out of the park. Its one of those pitches that normal hitters will try to "stay on top of" with a level or downward stroke. BUt piazza and many great hitters, can get under that ball, without getting blown away because of their tremendous top hand torque and batspeed. Its the same tool in softball, a bat and a ball. The same swing and the same goal. Its common sense. think about it.
> ok


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