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Tim Timmons

Posted by: Alan Ross (compchat@exo.com) on Sat Jul 1 14:45:59 2000

Hi Jack,

I am the webmaster at the Fastpitch Forum. There has been some intensive discussion of your batting methods in the hitting conference. So I ordered your tape and viewed it.

My impression is that it is similar to the Tim Timmons method of rotational hitting mechanics.
He spends much more time on the proper stance which he says is:
1. No Stride
2. Knees Bent
3. Right arm up (in back)
4. Bat resting on right arm not shoulder in horizontal posistion.
5. No wrapping of bat
Similarities include:
1. Using both hips
2. Launching the bat off the shoulder with hip turn.
3. Emphasizing wrist snap...top hand pushes bottom hand pulls.

Can you comment on similarities and differences between you and TT style.

Also might daughter plays 16 U and goes to the team coach. He teaches to keept the FRONT shoulder closed as long as possible to prevent from pulling the ball. I'm certain he would have a fit if he saw the front shoulder opening prior to bat contact as much as you suggest. Any comments?

Also how does one "aim" the ball with your technique. Suppose I want to hit a ball to center field. With all that shoulder rotation won't everything be pulled ?

BTW I have about 6000 users on the FPF. Could exposure for your if you care to drop by and discuss your mechanics.


One last thing...do you have the names of any of your students in Orange County. Since I live here I'd like to see their hitting in action so I can convince my daughter to try it.


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