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Re: Baseball vs Softball

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sat Jul 1 18:10:51 2000

>>>One of the first statements on your site declares that there is no difference between a swing used in baseball and the one used in softball.

In light of the fact that many knowledgeable softball people beleive there is a difference, I think you should give the logic behind your statement and address some of the issues raised by these people.

Issues such as, the "rise ball," which does not exist in baseball, requires a downward stroke and the shorter reaction time<<<

Hi Joe

I agree the "rise ball" and the "need for a downward stroke" needs an in-depth discussion. First, it would be helpful to have clarity on a few points.

Do many of the knowledgeable softball people believe the softball pitcher releases the ball from a lower point than does a "submarine type" baseball pitcher?

Why are there not a lot more "submarine type" baseball pitchers?

Do many of the knowledgeable softball people believe a softball hitter swinging down at the ball with weight shift and extension mechanics gets the bat-head to the ball quicker than does a baseball hitter using rotational mechanics (top-hand-torque and a circular hand-path)?

How long would you say a bat being swung downward is in the path of a knee high pitch (softball or baseball)? Say even a mid-thigh pitch?

I hope this discussion will be enlightening to as all.

Jack Mankin


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