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Re: Re: Circle hitch

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Fri Dec 14 18:20:45 2007

> > Barry Bonds DOES drop his hands a foot, do a circle hitch with his hands & draw back his arms & hands a foot or so before FINALLY launching his swing.. Jack Mankin. How come everyone argues with these mechanics when many of the greatest hitters have these mechanics. George Stanley how can you argue this. The frame by frame video does not lie. You would say that someone who DOES drop his hands a foot, do a circle hitch with his hands & draw back his arms & hands a foot or so before FINALLY launching his swing will be late to the baseball why? Watch Chipper right before the ball comes small hitch with his hands before they go circular. He doesn't just put his hands in a launch position already like you put your hitters. Sheffield bat is towards second base while the ball is half way there how come he isn't late? These mechanics are what major league hitters do everyday to hit the ball 400 feet. During batting practice with wood and if your hitting the ball 400 feet your probably generating bat speed through rotational mechanics. Watch video of griffey he hits hR to right field with pitches that are away from him with a long circular path to pull an outside pitch for a bomb. His hands are so far back he is a Barred arm George the whole entire swing. Explain to me how hitters in the bigs with barred arms still hit? The answer is rotational mechanics. All hitters that generate major bat speed have these same mechanics. They are good because of it.
> hey mikey!
> a hitch is a hitch is a hitch... just because a great hitter does it, does not make it right... the mentality of monkey-see-monkey-do is WRONG WRONG WRONG... lose that mentality!!! just because you say the guy is wonderful does not make it so...you want to lick all these guys' asses & say how wonderful they are, but you conveniently want to gloss over the fact they ALL FAIL TO GET A HIT 7 TIMES OUT OF 10... & in real terms pop up, foul off, or miss completely 5 out of 6 swings... that is a lot of room for improvement..
> TRUE, the camera does not lie... the frequency of popping up, fouling off & missing is FAR MORE FREQUENT than hitting the ball on the button... i don't want to talk about the 26 times a hitter gets a hit, i want to talk about the 74 times he fails.. THE PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE SHOWS THEY ARE LATE FAR MORE TIMES THAN THEY HIT THE BALL ON THE BUTTON... HELLO?!?!?! THEREFORE THERE ARE FAR MORE FREQUENT INCIDENTS WHERE THE HITTER IS LATE!! you ask me why?!?!?.. BECAUSE THE STATISTICS SAY SO!!!... hello?!?!?
> all good hitters are hitting mistakes... that is, when they get a certain pitch in a certain spot, they don't miss it.. that is where they thrive... but a smart pitcher gets them most of the time by pitching to a ANOTHER certain spot where they are guaranteed not to be able to get there on time, so, they will be late...you want to conveniently ignore the countless times they miss pitches they should be driving... due to the dropping the hands, circle hitch & drawing the bat back AFTER the pitch is released. that works on a limited number of pitches in certain spots, but fails on the FAR MORE frequent certain pitches in certain OTHER spots...in other words they eat the bear ONCE IN A WHILE, but 5 swings out of 6, THE BEAR EATS YOU.
> if you got a chance to talk to ANY of those guys, they would all tell you as good as they are, they would love to improve.. otherwise, they're lying.. they would ALL admit they need to be doing better on certain pitches... but they cannot figure out why they always fail.. that is obvious, because if they could change the outcome, they would.. but they can't.. the reason is they cannot identify the reason they failing to hit certain pitches in certain spots.you make it sound like there is absolutely no room for improvement for these guys, they are all perfect... NOT!
> to a smart pitcher, gary sheffield is the easiest out in town.. he is constantly waving his bat, trying to time a fastball.. all you have to do is have a little hitch in your delivery, or throw him off speed breaking balls, he is way out in front..or quicken your delivery. the only time you throw him a FB is on the first pitch above the belt inner half, which he will foul off for an automatic strike 1.. the only time you throw a FB after that is after 3 offspeed pitches, or with 2 strikes.
> i endorse rotational mechanics... i don't know where you get the idea i do not..ken griffey has one of the fastest bats around... the main reason is he has his hands in tight, which will generate greater batspeed than when you extend your arms... he hits HR on outside pitches because he keeps his hands in tight AS LONG AS POSSIBLE before altering his swing to catch the outside pitch.. hands in tight will generate the maximum initial batspeed... most hitters do not understand the quicker the bat starts out, the greater the acceleration rate.. THAT IS WHY YOU DO NOT WIND UP & BUGGYWHIP ON THE DRAWBACK..that is what makes griffey a great hitter.keeping the hands low leaves to him susceptible to pitches up in the zone.. the trick is to leave them alone, then he won't be late.
> you guys are all lost on the basic mentality.. the stance & swing governs what CERTAIN PITCHES IN CERTAIN SPOTS you can hit on the button & what you will be late on..
> the trick is to eliminate the actions which will make late to that certain pitch in a certain spot... that is where you will improve... i am not about saying all these hitters are perfect, because they are not.. i am about identifying the weaknesses THAT ALL HITTERS HAVE, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME OR HOW BIG YOUR PAYCHECK OR HOW MANY HRs YOU HIT, & trying to make adjustments which will get you to more pitches on time... since ALL hitters fail to get a hit on 5 out of 6 swings,
> that sounds to me like the place to look for improvement..
> you would rather be the monkey-see-monkey-do & folllow all the other sheep... fine. be an average ordinary unremarkable .260 hitter..
> if you think outside the box like einstein did, you might be able to form your own atomic theory.. if you do nor conceive of improvement or success you will not achieve them..
> that is what i hope for everyone.. but it takes a different mindset to achieve it... do you have it?
> best of luck to you


This is getting ridiculous! You will never get it, and the best hitting instructor I ever had said, "you will never be able to convince everybody to agree with what you teach, so don't try they will figure it out one way or the other".

You do not understand the running start you say the quicker the bat starts out, the greater the acceleration rate,but yet you want to start with no movement from a dead stop.

MLB pitchers are good the reason that some pitchers are missed is because the pitcher wants you to miss them and hitters early in the count are looking for one pitch only and that is the pitch they can destroy.

Hitting is BALANCE, RHYTHM, and TIMING. Pitching is trying to disrupt all 3 of those things.

A bad hard swing on time will hit the ball hard a good swing not on time will not, but a good swing on time and see ya!! That's what we strive for, by getting balanced, getting in to a good rhythm and looking for the pitch that our timing will be at our best.

I would venture to say, I don't know the exact statistics, that if you only swung at pitches you could destroy and only got a hit on half of those you would bat around .300. Not Bad.

I would like to know how many of your students have made it to the MLB? or how many are playing in a quality college program?



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